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Unfortunately, people suffering from diabetes are particularly prone to developing a range of foot problems. Poorly controlled, high glucose levels can, over time, cause damage to the nerves and the circulatory system. This can lead to numbness in the feet, as well as an increased likelihood of developing ulcers, which are often slow to heal due to the decreased immunity which diabetes can cause. Because of the potential for debilitating foot problems to develop, regular treatment by a podiatrist is highly recommended.

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Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to diabetic foot care. That's why we suggest that, even if you don't currently have any problems, it's important that we thoroughly inspect your feet for any small signs that anything is amiss as well as give you the information you need on appropriate foot care and shoe choices to minimize the risk of problems occurring in the future.

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In addition to our specialist services for people with diabetes who have foot problems, we also offer a full range of interventions for foot and ankle injuries, including acute and chronic conditions. Our experienced, knowledgeable team is committed to offering every patient the very highest standard of care, providing a holistic solution that incorporates a thorough assessment, appropriate treatment interventions and plenty of preventative care to minimize the chances of problems in the future.

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We understand that cost can be a problem for many patients, which is why we try and keep our services as affordable as possible, as well as providing as much assistance as we can for insurance claims. Our practice works with over a hundred different insurance providers, so the work we do is usually covered. To find out more about what we can offer or to schedule an appointment, you can call us at (908) 889-1660.

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