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Why is Pediatric Podiatry Important

We sometimes imagine our children are invincible—they sure like to think so! Kids can be tough, and their feet do often take a real beating whether from playing sports all day, climbing trees, or running around barefoot. Especially in New Jersey summers, kids should be playing outside as much as possible and might run into some problems with their feet.

Most of the time, small foot problems will heal rapidly. But keep in mind your children might not want to tell you that their feet hurt. Your kids also might be prone to inherited conditions that affect the structure of their feet. To prevent problems, look carefully at your children’s feet every now and again to make sure they look healthy. Also pay attention to their gait to notice any changes in the way they walk or signs that they might be in any discomfort. If you notice anything different or have any questions, the best thing to do is call a pediatric podiatrist. A pediatric podiatrist, or a podiatrist that offers specialized care for young patients, can help your kids enjoy healthy feet for their entire lives.

Pediatric podiatry is important because it can help prevent problems as well as heal them. For example, if your child has been wearing footwear that no longer fits them, it could end up affecting the way they walk or even the way their bones grow. They might end up with back pain and other problems later on if the issue is not addressed soon. Sometimes, a pediatric podiatrist will notice that your child has the need for specialized inserts, orthotics, braces, or other nonintrusive products that can help correct any structural issues. Acute or temporary pain caused by abrasions or lesions are often best checked out by a pediatric podiatrist, too.

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