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What is a Podiatrist

A podiatrist is so much more than a doctor who specializes in feet and foot care. When you see a foot doctor in New Jersey, you are seeing someone who has the knowledge and skills to address a number of problems that manifest in your lower extremities. Often we forgot how much we rely on our feet, and how much our feet do for us until something goes wrong. A foot doctor in New Jersey can help you recognize problems early and prevent problems before they arise.

  1. A podiatrist understands chronic conditions can affect the feet first. Conditions like diabetes and circulatory problems create problems for the feet, ranging from ulcers and sores to infections and structural problems. Your primary care physician is likely to recommend you to a podiatrist if you have diabetes or a circulatory problem. If you have had foot pain in the past or suffer from a chronic condition like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis that leads to foot problems, a podiatrist can help you reduce pain and suffering and maximize health.
  2. A podiatrist can help with structural problems and use specialized surgical interventions. Whether the condition is due to genetics, poor posture, or uncomfortable shoes, a number of structural conditions in the foot can cause serious pain over time. The pain may be felt in the heel, ankle, or arch, and can lead to back pain and other problems in your body. Podiatrists can help prevent an initial problem from getting worse through non-invasive techniques like the use of orthotics, or a podiatrist might recommend the use of surgery for long-term preventative or corrective care.
  3. A podiatrist works with people of all ages. Anyone can experience a foot care problem. Podiatrists often see children who need specialized foot care treatments, as well as adults of all ages. A podiatrist in New Jersey like Kaplan is a specialist who cares about your feet.

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