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Healing Your Foot Problems with Pediatric

The needs of a child’s foot are different from that of adults as kids feet grow and change rapidly. So, when you notice your child living in New Jersey appears to be having problems with his feet or walking, it is important to visit a podiatrist such as Kaplan Podiatry in Fanwood, for their pediatric foot care in NJ.

What is Pediatric Foot Care?

A person’s feet form the basic foundation to support the whole body and helps him in moving around. Foot care is important in the early years of a kid‘s life. When a child has problems with his feet or gait and it isn’t addressed early, it can lead to lifelong problems.

Types of Foot Problems

Some children develop severe pain in the heels, which could be plantar fasciitis or . Sever’s disease. Other problems include flat feet and arches that are too high. Foot deformities also develop in children due to medical issues like cerebral palsy, polio, clubfoot and so on. Most children walk pigeon toed and bow legged when first learning to walk and this is normal. However, if this continues after age of two or three they should see a doctor. Kaplan Podiatry is a father/son podiatric practice and knows how important it is for your child to have good pediatric foot care in NJ for healthy feet and a healthy life.

Pediatric Foot Care at Home

A lot of foot problems in children can be avoided by taking proper foot care and good hygiene. To prevent ingrown toenails, they should be cut straight across the top and not down the sides, as this allows for the skin to grown over the nail. To avoid athlete’s foot, thoroughly drying feet after bathing or swimming and wearing waterproof shoes when walking in public areas will cut down on athlete's foot and other bacterial infections. Parents also need to make sure they provide children with properly fitted shoes and check regularly (at least 3 to 4 times in a year) to see if the shoe’s size has become too small.

When to See a Doctor

Kaplan Podiatry advise parents to bring in their child is he starts to complain about foot pain that prevents him/her from taking part in sports activities or daily activities.

Get the help of experienced doctors like Dr. W. Kaplan and Dr. A. Kaplan at Kaplan Podiatry for the pediatric foot care in NJ that your child deserves. They can take a look at your child’s feet and diagnose problems and offer treatment options. Call them today for an appointment at 909 889-1660.

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