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Why is Pediatric Podiatry Important?

We sometimes imagine our children are invincible—they sure like to think so! Kids can be tough, and their feet do often take a real beating whether from playing sports all day, climbing trees, or running around barefoot..... Read more

What is a Podiatrist?

A podiatrist is so much more than a doctor who specializes in feet and foot care. When you see a foot doctor in New Jersey, you are seeing someone who has the knowledge and skills to address a number of problems that manifest in your lower extremities..... Read more

Basic Foot Care For Common Disorders And Conditions

Our feet play a very important role in our lives. Too often, we forget about the punishment they take. We ignore them until they are battered, sore and tired. Feet are not immune to pain and injury. In order to decrease or eliminate some of the more common issues, we need to implement a proactive foot care program in our lives.... Read more

Healing Your Foot Problems with Pediatric Foot Care

The needs of a child’s foot are different from that of adults as kids feet grow and change rapidly. So, when you notice your child living in New Jersey appears to be having problems with his feet or walking, it is important to visit a podiatrist such as Kaplan Podiatry in Fanwood... Read more

5 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Feet When You’re a Diabetic

Diabetes can complicate a simple circulation issue or nerve problem. When you have diabetes, that means glucose levels in your blood are high and this could damage your nerves, kidneys and eyes along with your blood vessels. It also undermines your immune system so you’ll have a tough time fighting off a simple infection, says e-Medicine Health. That’s why foot problems need to be treated right away... Read more

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