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Basic Foot Care For Common Disorders

Our feet play a very important role in our lives. Too often, we forget about the punishment they take. We ignore them until they are battered, sore and tired. Feet are not immune to pain and injury. In order to decrease or eliminate some of the more common issues, we need to implement a proactive foot care program in our lives. Whether we live in Fanwood NJ or Las Angles CA, it is imperative we take good care of the only feet we have.

Common Foot Problems

The list of issues potentially affecting your feet is extensive. A podiatrist addresses many of these problems including

  • Achilles Tendonitis: Affects middle-aged, sports-playing people more frequently
  • Athlete's foot: A skin eruption usually between the toes
  • Corns and Bunions: Thickening over specific parts of the foot
  • Fallen Arches: Weakness of the muscles producing "flat feet".
  • Hammer Toe: Condition of the second toe
  • Heel Spur: A buildup of calcium on the heel bone, commonly found among certain types of athletes
  • Ingrown or Ingrowing Toenails: Self-explanatory

Podiatrists recommend you pay heed to the condition of your feet. While some foot problems are the result of genetic predisposition, accidents or medical problems, many are not. They are in fact preventable.

Foot Care Begins with your Choice of Shoes

Prevention comes in many forms. It can take the cessation of an action e.g. standing on your feet all day. It can also involve a physical change e.g. losing weight. Podiatrists also point to another factor requiring your attention – your footwear.

Improper footwear is a major cause of foot problems. You can reduce the instances and the severity of hammertoes, corns, bunions and even heel spurs by wearing proper footwear. Avoid those narrow, towering heels except for special occasions in Fanwood NJ and play sports in shoes made to take those jolting external forces. Admittedly, soaking your sore feet may bring some relief; however, the best foot care involves wearing appropriate shoes.

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