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5 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Feet

Diabetes can complicate a simple circulation issue or nerve problem. When you have diabetes, that means glucose levels in your blood are high and this could damage your nerves, kidneys and eyes along with your blood vessels. It also undermines your immune system so you'll have a tough time fighting off a simple infection, says e-Medicine Health. That's why foot problems need to be treated right away.

Here are some tips on how to take better care of your foot if you're a diabetic:

Look for help

Find a doctor who can tell you all about diabetic foot care in NJ. Whether from toenail care to choosing the right footwear, you'll need to take how to take better care of yourself and your feet.

Inspect your foot

Turn this into a regular habit. Check from between your toes to your soles. Check every area in between. Use a mirror or ask help from someone if you can't physically do this on your own. If you see any blisters or bruises, if you spot any sores or redness, then pay a visit to your doctor as promptly as possible.

Consult your doctor

If you've already found doctor who offers diabetic foot care in NJ, then make sure you report any foot pain or even calluses or corns you have. Even if you have a tiny cut or wound in your toes or ankle, you'll need to have that examined by your doctor. Otherwise, those foot problems could lead to potentially serious complications.

Get tested

Do this regularly. Monitor your A1c, blood pressure and cholesterol levels so you can make the necessary adjustments. Knowing if your cholesterol is too high can help you plan your meals better. Also, if your family has a history of foot problems, you'll need to make time for frequent visits to the doctor. Foot complications can happen quickly.

Wash and moisturize

Wash your feet with water and soap. Use warm water to kill off any infection or bacteria. Have dry feet? Apply lotion or oil on your feet. Dry skin is unhealthy and could to potential foot problems so these are good preventive measures to take.

Getting Help

We understand how serious your condition is. We're here to help. If you need medical assistance and consultation, get in touch with us. Talk to us about your problems and we'll offer treatment and medical advice to help you.

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